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Dental Crowns in Portland, Oregon


Worth a Thousand Words

Your smile is one of your best, most expressive features. It can charm on a date, encourage at a recital or brighten a stranger’s day. It is the greatest way to show others that you are a friendly, personable person. Don’t hide your smile because of decaying or discolored teeth. Whether you’re about to graduate or just going to the grocery store, you deserve to have a smile that makes you feel confident.

What are Dental Crowns?

Crowns are dental prosthetics that are custom-made to fit over existing teeth. They help to restore the shape and appearance of your teeth while adding a layer of strength and protection. A crown will cover the entire tooth up to the gum line, sealing out bacteria and preventing decay.

Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

If you experience regular tooth pain, you may have decaying or cracked teeth. These issues are a serious risk to your oral health and can only be fixed with proper, professional care. Dental crowns will improve the appearance and durability of your teeth while lowering pain and eradicating tooth decay. Dental crowns are made of durable materials that are stronger than the enamel of your natural teeth and won’t discolor or disintegrate. They are an investment in a permanently bright, healthy smile.

Our Dental Crown Procedure

The process begins by taking molds and then shaving down the tooth — or teeth — that will be capped. We fit you with a temporary appliance while our skilled experts create a custom crown that will blend in perfectly with your remaining with teeth. Once the temporary crown is removed, we cement the permanent crown over the tooth. We can cap as many teeth as is needed to get you a fantastic smile.

Available Hours for You

At Portland Emergency Dentist, we pride ourselves on providing same-day and Saturday appointments so that getting healthy teeth is always available to you. Call now and get a custom smile today